Welcome to iSeeYa, the easiest way to find a date anywhere in your city! This page is here to help you get started on your journey to uncover the right match and the best spots to hang out!

Getting Started

To start using iSeeYa, the first step is visiting your phone’s app store and downloading our app. You can find us on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store.

Download from the iTunes App Store
Download from the Google Play Store

Once you’ve installed iSeeYa on your phone, you’ll be asked to complete 3 simple steps to create your account. To get started, simply:

1. Press “look for a date” and then press “continue” to log in

2. Enter your phone number to verify your account and press “next”. You’ll receive a confirmation code via SMS.

3. Input the confirmation code to complete verification. Congratulations, you’re done creating your account!

Now you’ve reached the main screen of our app—the map, but before finding your match, go to the lower left icon  and set up your profile!

Setting Up Your Profile

Your profile is your face to the iSeeYa community, and will help you find better matches. Your profile consists of a few sections:

1. Your basic information

this includes your name, age, location, a little about yourself, your profession, habits and interests. Press the “edit” button to start filling the details.

2. Pictures of yourself

You can upload photos for your profile, along with your profile picture for the world to see. Press the “photos” button to get started.

3. Getting verified

To make sure you’re not a bot, and that you are who you claim to be, we need to verify your profile. You can do this quickly by pressing the “personal model” button and taking three pictures of your face—from the left, right, and front. This allows us to create a model to refer to whenever you add pictures.

Once your profile picture is a verified picture, your profile will have a green checkmark letting people know you’re a human and that you actually look like the pictures you post. From now on, every picture you take or upload will be checked against this model.

Finding HotSpots

iSeeYa helps you find the coolest places to go out in your city and lets you view who’s checked in!
HotSpots is a great way to find matches that share your interests and favorite destinations. To get started, navigate to the map by pressing the middle button on your app. 

Once you have the map open, you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you, including places people are checking in at and other popular locations. You can adjust how wide of a radius you want to visualize, ranging from 1 to 10+ miles.

Checking In

f you want to let the community know you’ve checked in at a location, you can check in directly from the map. To check in, press the grey check mark , choose your location from the menu and you’re set! You can always check in at a specific location, by pressing the hotspot icon itself (this icon  for example) and pressing “check in” . once you’ve checked in, the icon will go from red to green, like this 
You can also see who’s checked in at places you’d like to visit or are at currently!

Getting Matched

In addition to the map, you can also find matches in a different way. To start finding your next date, simply navigate to users’ cards by pressing the second button on the right—the one shaped like a heart  . Keep in mind, to view the user’s cards you have to make sure not to have marked any picture on the map when you press the heart button. Otherwise, you’ll simply like the user.
Once there, you can like or dislike your potential matches by swiping them right (like) or left (dislike).
If you don’t like swiping, you can always do the same by pressing the heart button or the broken heart button at the bottom of your screen.
The broken heart button, the second one from the left , means you’re not interested, while the heart button on the right means you’re intrigued!
You can see your match’s extended profile and see their distance from you by pressing one time on their profile picture.
If you like someone and they like you too, Congratulations - you have a match!!! you’ll be invited into a conversation where you can get to know each other! You can keep track of your matches on your active chats screen .
We don’t want you to miss out, so if you have a match, you’ll also be notified!

Changing Your Settings

If you ever need to change or add anything in your profile, including your information, pictures, or even your geographic location, you can simply visit the settings by navigating to the side menu by pressing this icon  and selecting “Settings”. From here, you can access your information, and set your preferences for matching. You can set the distance for the cards, choose the applicable genders, and your preferred age range.
In the settings, you can also change your notification status and choose which notices you would like to receive. The settings menu also lets you log out of your account if you need.

A Quick Visual Guide

To navigate around the iSeeYa App, you can press any of the buttons on the bottom of the screen. These include:



this lets you navigate to your profile and make any changes you need.


Broken heart

This button indicates you’re not interested in your potential match



You can use this button to view your potential matches around you on the Map, to mark them and do like or dislike to them by pressing the hearts buttons. On the map , You can also check in at a place , by pressing the “check in” button- or view the people that checked in at places you like to hang out there too.


Full heart

Press this button when you see a potential match you like!



You can view your active conversations with your matches by pressing this button.

There are also some other things to keep in mind:


Green check mark on a photo

This check shows that the potential match you are looking at is verified human


Green heart

If you see this icon on a profile you’re viewing, it means they’ve matched with you!



here you will be notified if you have a match if your matches checked in somewhere and other System Messages that will help you to improve your profile to get more matches.

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